Mold Refurbishing

As injection molds age through years of production, the quality and CPK levels diminish even with the best standard maintenance program in place. It then becomes necessary to evaluate what is required to recover the mold's original quality through moderate or sometimes extensive mold refurbishment.

At Cavaform we offer a complete mold refurbishment evaluation service. We will examine your last mold shots and often sample the mold in one of our presses for a clearer picture of the mold's limitations resulting from age. Worn standard components such as leadering, bushings, and interlocks will be replaced. Custom mold items may be repaired through laser welding with like steels and resurfaced to original condition. Some parts may require re-plating or be replaced if corrosion or other factors are beyond acceptable limits. Cavaform will manufacture all the necessary components in the molding stack base on the needs of the mold.

Every mold is different and will require its own written agenda of items to be evaluated. The goal is to return your mold to the high level of productivity once enjoyed when the mold was first qualified for production. Cavaform will optimize the tool and provide customer with data sheets and sample parts when the tool is shipped back ready for production. Cavaform offers complete mold sampling qualification based on your needs.