Cavaform Mold Cavities

Cavaform® is the registered trademark for our proprietary cold forming process. Cavities are produced by cold swaging 420 and 440 stainless steel or most other tool steels around a hardened male mandrel, reproducing the form and surface finish to a very accurate degree. Parts molded from Cavaform cavities have minimal variance, since each cavity is produced from the same mandrel. Replacement cavities, including those manufactured at a later date, are interchangeable and maintain identical size and surface finish. This consistency in cavity size and finish yield a higher quality end product, with less variation and ultimately lower molding costs.

Cavaform cavities have been produced since 1967 and hundreds of thousands are currently in service, covering a broad range of molded plastic parts. Please inquire by sending drawings for your next project for feasibility of our unique cost-saving process.  Currently our Cavities are used in numerous applications, including:

  • Medical Disposables
  • Personal & Home Care
  • Writing Instruments
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Caps and Closures